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11.W:I just heard about a really beautiful park in the east end of the town. Thereare a lot of roses in bloom.M:Why don’t we walk over there and see for ourselves?Q:What will the speakers probably do?
12.M:My presentation is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning at the lecture hall. Ihope to see you there.W:Oh, sorry. I was about to tell you that I have an appointment with my dentistat 9:00 o’clock tomorrow.Q:What do we learn about the woman?
13.W:How long have you been running this company?M:Twenty years if you can believe that. I brought it from a small operation towhat it is today.Q:What do we learn about the man?
14.M:Have you read the news on the campus net? Susan has won the scholarship fornext year.W:I knew she would from the very beginning. Such a brilliant and diligent girl!She certainly deserves it.Q:What does the woman mean?
15.W:Taking a bus to Miami, it’s cheaper than going by train.M:That’strue. But I’d rather pay a little more for the addedcomfort and convenience.Q:What does the man mean?
16.M:I think it’s time we got rid of all this old furniture.W:You’reright. We need to promote our image besides it’s not areal antique.Q:What do the speakers mean?
17.M:That was some storm yesterday. How was I afraid I couldn’t make it home.W:Yeah, most of the roads to my house were flooded. I didn’t get home from thelab until midnight.Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
18.W:My boys are always complaining that they’re bored.M:Why don’t you get them into some team sports? My son and daughter playsoccer every Saturday. And they both look forward to it all week.Q:What does the man mean? Questions19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard W:So John, I hear you and Arthur share a job, don’t you?M:Yes. We’ve shared a sales job at Sonatech for about two years now.W:Well, how do you divide up your schedule?M:You know we are both sales representatives, and we take orders over the phone.When we started job sharing it was difficult, because we both worked all dayMonday. I worked Tuesday and Thursday and Arthur worked Wednesday and Friday.The problem was that when I was in the office on Tuesday. I would talk topeople, then they would call back on Wednesday with a question. But Arthurcouldn’tanswer the question and he couldn’t ask me about itbecause I wasn’t in the office. So he had to ask thepeople to call me back the next day, Thursday. Of course, they didn’t like to wait until the next day to have their questions answered.W:Yes, that sounds like a problem.M:So, finally we decided that Arthur would work in the mornings and I would workin the afternoons. Now if someone calls with the question for me in themorning, Arthur tells them to call me in the afternoon. This way, people gettheir questions answered the same day.W:What do you do about vacations?M:Well, Sonatech gives the usual two weeks of vacation to full-time employees, Itake a week and Arthur takes a week.W:It sounds like job sharing has worked out well for you.M:Yes, it has. We are both happy with it.
Q19.What do John and author do at Sonatech?
Q20.What problem did John and Arthur have when they started job sharing?
Q21.What does John say about their annual vacation?
Questions22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard
W:May I see your license, please?M:But officer, did I do something wrong?Wo you mean to say you didn’t see the speed limit sign back there?M:Um, no, madam, I guess I didn’t.W:In other words, you drove by too fast to read it. The sign says 35m/h. A schoolis just nearby, you know?Mon’tget me wrong, but my speedometer didn’t read muchfaster than that.W:Then, why is it that my radar showed you are going 45? Let me put it anotherway. I’mgoing to give you a ticket. Again, may I see your license, please?M:Here it is, officer. But let me explain. I was late for an importantappointment and I was worried that I wouldn’t make it on time. So...W:Uha, just a minute, here. Your license is no longer valid. You should haverenewed it two weeks ago. I’m going to have to write you up for that, too.M:What? Really?W:Your license becomes invalid on your birthday and that was two weeks agoaccording to the date here. You are in violation of the law—driving without avalid license.M:I’msorry, madam. I hadn’t realized that.W:Here’sthe ticket for not having a valid license. But I’m onlygoing to give you a warning about exceeding the speed limit. Be careful nexttime.M:Yes, madam, officer, I will. Thank you.
Q22.Where was the man stopped by the police officer?
Q23.What did the man claim about the speed limit sign?
Q24.What did the woman say about the man’s driving license?
Q25.What was the man’s penalty?
本次听力考试长对话第一篇难度略低与以往水平,话题关于瑞典的天气和生活方式,对话以man speaker提供信息为主,woman speaker穿针引线,所以大家集中精力听man speaker的话即可。 文章大意:对话先谈论了瑞典的季节,冬天异常寒冷,低至零下26度,但是室内非常温暖,所以瑞典人到了英国会抱怨室内温度低。接下来讨论了不同季节的日光长度,圣诞节期间每天只有1小时光照,而五月到七月,直到午夜还有还有日照,所以瑞典享有“The Land ofMid-night Sun”的美誉。瑞典人夏季很早上班,下午2,3点就下班,享受漫长的夏季夜晚。他们的生活方式用原文中的一句话来概述就是“Theylike to work hard, but play hard too.”。
出题点有4处,全部为细节题,第19题:“Whatdo we learn about the man from the conversation?”,答案出现在对话开篇。第20题: “What doSwedish people complain about when they visit England in winter?”,答案出现在文中,瑞典人拜访英国会抱怨英国人的室内很冷。第21题“How does the man describe the short hourof daylight around Christmas in Sweden?”,man speaker 的评论是“a bit depressing ”. 第22题“What does the man say about the Swedishpeople?”,瑞典人工作努力,也很会享受盛会。
考场上,大家只要能follow the man speaker’s track,抓住细节,就一定会找出答案。Wish all of you good luck! 本次四级第二篇长对话难度不高,话题是考生很熟悉的校园学习类。从对话的语气中可以猜出是学妹在请教学长关于工作所需的教育背景。
考查长对话一般是看两人谈话会有几个话题,换一个话题就会相应地换一个问题。这篇考试也不例外,三个问题分别是1. 男人的专业?2. 男人在中学的工作?3.男人上诺丁汉大学的原因?1和3尤其好辨别,相信同学们做对基本的2道题是肯定没有问题的。 抓住了“话题转换有考题”的技巧后,再运用我们课上反复强调的“听到什么选什么”的技巧,那答案就呼之欲出了。比如1应该是French, 2 是careerwork, 3是campus environment.再加上我们上课教的学习场景词汇中的高频词degree, secondary school, administration, literature, campus, major。如果考生在考场上能及时激活,那文章的大意一定非常明了。

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